• Truck and Fleet Middle East & Conference

    05 Dec 2019 – Ghaya Grand Hotel, Dubai, UAE

    Not only is the Middle East a centre for transport and logistics activity, but it is also increasingly embedded into the international landscape of the two sectors in terms of adopting trends and best practices, as well as in the companies involved.

    With the UAE making the switch to higher emission standards there is now a staging point in the market for vehicles that are very close to their counterparts in other markets. This means a higher level of technology than we have ever had access to and this can be only a good thing for fleets looking to modernise, however the ability of fleets to maintain their existing vehicles is also better than ever.

    As the region nears the standards of technology and fleet management seen elsewhere in the world, it is being identified as an important, progressive market for the makers of vehicles and fleet software and systems that increase uptime. However, there is still much progress to be made in the safety, efficiency and the sustainability of fleet management.

    With state-of-the-art infrastructure and international trade major priorities for the region, we need vehicles and services that can keep pace with these changes. The logistics and transportation sectors are also fields where the Middle East has worldwide prominence. As global and regional hubs of trade and logistics, several cities in the region already use some of the best and most advanced logistics solutions in terms of vehicles and warehouse management. But more can still be done in this field, such as the increased adoption of automation technology in handling and moving materials.

    With the Truck & Fleet Middle East Conference we will shed light on key issues in the commercial vehicles, logistics and transportation sectors, bringing the best global and regional practices, solutions and equipment to delegates through presentations and panel discussions.

    The Conference is also an ideal networking platform to meet with key industry figures and personalities, as well as decision makers.