PTV Group held a Mobility Day in Dubai last week with transport industry leaders present to discuss solutions for Dubai’s transport infrastructure including the integration of self-driving vehicles.

According to the traffic, transport and logistics experts, it is now evident that Dubai is in a unique position when compared with other cities looking to implement this new technology.

“The edge that Dubai has over other countries looking to introduce self-driving vehicles is that the infrastructure of the country is relatively new and is constantly evolving. The authorities have a consistent track record of planning transport networks, introducing mass transit systems and new mobility options. Coupling this with the objective of having 25% of the trips to be autonomous by 2030, the city is well-equipped to make self-driving transport a reality in Dubai in the near future,” said Andrea Petti, managing director, PTV Group, Middle East, India and Africa.

“We’re looking at how Dubai can introduce self-driving transport which will be accessible for all and what this implies in terms of operations and the impact on the existing infrastructure. As the population of Dubai and the number of visitors grows each year, the need for optimizing the way people travel around the city whether it’s for work or for leisure will become more and more pressing as mobility is at the heart of city livability.”