Egypt’s Ministry of Transport has announced that the development and maintenance works of the Ring Road are being implemented at a total cost of $460 million.

According to a statement released on May 31, 2020, the works will cover an area of 106 kilometres from Al Mariotta to Autostrad, along with a 30% expansion of Autostrad Bridge.

The government also plans to introduce Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) in specific lanes, the statement added.

In April 2020, Egyptian president, Abdel Fattah El Sisi revealed that the North African country was working on $1 billion worth of road infrastructure projects. This included the establishment of 40 bridges in East Cairo, with the cost of each bridge ranging from $18.9 million to $25.3 million.

Furthermore, the Egyptian Ministry of Housing and New Urban Communities Authorities (NUCA) had earlier announced that work is ongoing on a number of roads and bridges projects in New Alamein City at a combined cost of $160.8 million.

The projects include the rerouting of the 38-kilometre long International Coastal Road (Alexandria-Matrouh), which is likely to be completed within the next month.