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Monday, October 3, 2022
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See the Fleet and Mobility Summit schedule

"This is a critical moment in the market where mistakes will be made and opportunities missed"

The preagenda featuring the scheduled presentations and panel discussions for the upcoming Fleet and Mobility Summit is now live on the event’s official website.

Detailing the likely line-up for the new event, including session overviews and themes, the preagenda previews the event’s major concept of how technology is re-shaping transportation, mobility and professional fleet services.

“From the rise of on-demand passenger services to last mile deliveries, I  believe that by bringing key stakeholders and professionals together we can extend each other’s expertise and shape the mobility sector for years to come,” said Truck and Fleet’s head of content Stephen White.

He added that the preagenda is a call to action for experts and speakers to join the programme.

“Today’s announcement sets the agenda in more ways than one and far beyond the event. I believe we are addressing most of the major issues for established and emerging fleets when it comes to understanding mobility. This is a critical moment in the market where mistakes will be made and opportunities missed, so I invite anyone with expertise in the topics to put themselves forward to speak at the event.”

Important dates:

Submission of paper proposals – 9th July
Panellist confirmations – 9th August
Fleet Mobility Summit – 21st September

If you would like to participate or suggest a fellow professional you feel will enhance the event, please contact Stephen White, head of content, Fleet Mobility Summit 2022 stephen.white@cpitrademedia.com

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Stephen Whitehttps://truckandfleetme.com/
Stephen White was formerly editor of Big Project ME.
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