Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Kastenwagen – Exterieur, Arktikweiß, Vorderradantrieb Mercedes-Benz Sprinter panel van – Exterior, arctic white, Front-wheel drive

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has forced a rethink on a global scale of how we do business, how we order, send and receive goods and, significantly, how we not only manage but also view the transport and delivery networks that are so intrinsic to the smooth, daily operation of society as we know it.

Social distancing and lockdown measures have had an overwhelming impact on the traditional retail landscape, with the temporary closures of stores and malls spurring a mass migration of customers to online platforms, both global and local, in order to meet their daily needs. While the region’s malls were closed for a period of time, traffic, both virtual and on the roads, had received a significant boost.

If there are any plus points to emerge from the past months of economic unease, they can be seen in the rise of ecommerce and, as a direct result, the unparalleled demand for delivery services across the region and around the clock.

In a region where the mall remains king, the idea of online deliveries for most goods and items was previously viewed as almost a novelty of convenience, offered by companies to customers who were interested in the service.

Nowadays, however, delivery staff have risen to the status of ‘key’ workers, individuals who are essential to our daily lives. Firms are increasingly hiring manpower to meet the demand for rapid and dependable delivery of goods of all shapes and sizes.

This has presented a unique opportunity for Mercedes-Benz Vans in the region as delivery fleets grow in size to meet demand, firms are looking to add to their numbers with reliable and comfortable vehicle options that can move products safely and quickly.

Our expansive range of vans, technical expertise, renowned leasing,  maintenance and repair services plus our reputation for producing vehicles of exceptional quality and reliability means Mercedes-Benz Vans Middle East and North Africa product portfolio is an appealing choice for delivery and ecommerce companies striving to outperform their rivals in what has now evolved to be a hugely competitive marketplace.

Our Sprinter and Vito models offer variable load capacities as well as safety features such as Attention Assist that automatically detects signs of drowsiness or inattention in the driver who is advised to take a break. With more deliveries to make, drivers will spend more time on the road, therefore it is imperative that their personal safety, the safety of other road users and the protection of the goods they are tasked with delivering, is maintained.

These models and their variants are available with powerful and reliable diesel engines that produce the torque required to move heavy loads for long distances, on a daily and cost-effective basis.

Ecommerce companies rely on ‘ease of use’ from start to finish in order to attract customers; they depend upon attractive and intuitive websites that are linked to a delivery chain that is consistently fast-paced and can be relied upon not to break down no matter the strains and pressures placed upon it.

In many cases, the timeframe of delivery is the deciding factor for a customer when making an online purchase. In the race to the top of the ecommerce food chain, the best performing companies have recognised the importance of meeting their ‘last mile’ commitments. This is where reputations are made or broken, customers left satisfied or disappointed, and where falling at the final hurdle is simply not an option.

The most successful companies know the significance of making the last mile count and invest accordingly in the kind of equipment and essential on-the-road resources that can be relied upon to deliver the goods, every time, without fail.