An agreement has been signed between Mazoon Electricity Company and Oman Environmental Services Holding Company (Be’ah) for the safe collection and disposal of lead acid batteries (LAB), in line with environmental sustainability practices.

As per the terms of the deal, Be’ah will be responsible for collecting and transporting LAB from the Mazoon Electricity plant to a certified processing and recycling facility. The move supports Mazoon Electricity in ensuring its work processes are in accordance with the stipulated environmental laws of the sultanate, says the statement from Mazoon.

The Oman environmental services company will also provide Mazoon Electricity with approved LAB waste collection pallets that help hinder acids from leaking.

Mazoon Electricity states that it is devoted to work processes and products, which has enabled it to help protect and reduce environmental impact and secure the wellness, health and operational safety of its employees and community. The firm also says that it pursues business activities that promote environmental protection and conservation.

In its statement, the company says it recognises that acts such as the safe disposal of LAB contributes to preserving biodiversity and creating a healthy global environment. It also plans to support Be’ah’s long-term objective to create infrastructure which is sustainable, transforming waste management and driving a conscious habit to nurture a sustainable future.