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Monday, October 3, 2022
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“We are inspired to do more”

Mohamed El Zeftawi, General Manager of Al Masaood CV&E on the importance of partnership and going the extra mile

What is Al Masaood CV&E’s philosophy as a business?
Al Masaood CV&E has always believed and worked towards building trust and partnership with its clients by going the extra mile and providing excellent customer service. We have been at the forefront, as the first contact point, whenever customers need support.
Please give an overview of Al Masaood CV&E’s current offering and your start to 2022.
We have had a fantastic start to 2022 in terms of market share and profitability, which is in line with our growth strategy. This has inspired us to intensify our efforts to further improve the overall customer experience. The division not only offers products but total solutions to customers—including chassis, superstructure, extended warranty, service contracts for both preventive and corrective maintenance, training, and financial solutions. We are working towards continuously innovating and redefining customer experience as our unique value proposition, in addition to conducting deep product analyses to better understand customer preferences and purchasing trends.
What are your priorities when it comes to adding new products to your portfolio?
For more than 50 years of our journey as an organisation, Al Masaood has built its reputation in the market as a leader by investing in our community, employees, and customers to make them happy. When it comes to adding new products to our portfolio, we ensure that they add value by meeting the market’s needs in terms of specs, quality, and robustness. We also make sure that our products are backed by efficient aftersales support to provide excellent service to our customers. We ensure to associate with only those brands which constantly undergo innovation to meet the evolving demands of our different clients. Furthermore, we will continue to evolve with the requirements of our customers as part of our commitment to enhancing customer experience and in line with our efforts to reinforce our market leadership.

Last month, you announced that you had secured the UAE distribution of TCM’s range of equipment. What does this range offer the market, and why is now the best time for your two firms to collaborate?
As an industry leader in the vehicle and transport field, we have always undertaken with great pride, the responsibility to make available quality products by collaborating with organisations that share our vision for mutual growth and excellence. We are delighted to have added Toyo Carriers Manufacturing (TCM) to our portfolio as it covers forklifts of various capacity between 1.5 ton and 23 ton in addition to full range of material handling equipment. As its authorised distributor, we are tying our customer-centric sales and aftersales support to TCM’s robust product range through this partnership to provide an end-to-end service to our customers. This collaboration, which aligns with our growth strategy in terms of expanding product portfolio and territory, exemplifies our commitment to bringing to the UAE market top quality products to support the operations of relevant local sectors.
Japanese brands have a long history in the UAE. Why do you think they have been so successful, and will ‘Made in Japan’ be something for you to capitalise on with TCM?
Japanese brands have been able to successfully build trust among customers in the UAE with high quality products. Brands like Nissan and INFINITI have captured the market with their superior and durable products. We will surely do our best to capitalise on this going forward with TCM, which has been a long-established global brand in the material handling industry. The TCM brand had pioneered the manufacturer of the first “Made in Japan” internal combustion forklift truck in 1949. We are sure to provide diverse options to our customers with TCM’s wide product range that has been designed to deliver affordable top-quality industrial vehicles.
Please share your thoughts on how the market has changed over the years.
The UAE is one of the world’s most demanding markets, with customers expecting more and more added values for overall customer satisfaction, and our industry is no exception; we have seen the market transition from a simple trading operation to a total solution market over the course of several phases.
How is Al Masaood CV&E adapting to those changes in the marketplace—such as the products and services you offer—and the challenges facing your customers today?
We have successfully secured our market share by listening to the customers, understanding their needs and challenges to deliver high-performing products and holistic solutions aimed at overall customer satisfaction for both sales and aftersales. We, at Al Masaood CV&E, believe that the ideal service is to provide your customers with peace of mind and a hassle-free experience.
Do you think the disruption caused by COVID and rising costs in the market is an opportunity for a company like yours to prove the importance of the chain between the distributor, the manufacturer, and the end-user?
The crisis created due to the COVID-19 pandemic has reiterated the importance of corporate collaboration between the distributors, the manufacturers, and the end-users. Al Masaood CV&E was successful in gaining market share by capitalising on having the right support from the manufacturer during this tough time. Even during the global supply chain shortage, we were also able to meet the needs of our customers in terms of products following a robust mechanism between Al Masaood CV&E and the manufacturers.
Ultimately, do you think the long-term effect of these trends will be a positive one for the market and your business?
I believe the challenging times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, have made customers recognise the importance of having a strong business partner who can support them. An ally who can fulfil all the requirements of the customers rather than having only a supplier.
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