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Monday, February 26, 2024

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Awards Footage – Truck & Fleet Awards 2024


Keynote Speech | Truck & Fleet Awards 2024


Arabian Axles – Semi-Trailer Axles

The Best in Class Axles, Suspensions & Semi Trailer Parts

Built to resist – Energizer High-Heat batteries, designed for the Middle East

Specific batteries for the Middle East! A special range of advanced products available through Lubatex Group. Conventional batteries heavily suffer from the heat and are not designed to power advanced-technology vehicles. The AGM and High-Heat batteries are specifically manufactured to resist in such demanding conditions, offering a long-lasting power source adapted to modern driving.
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The future of LiFePO4 and Post-Lithium batteries

Safer, lighter, enduring low/high temperatures, Hive Electric & Lubatex Group are joining forces to offer advanced tailor-made auxiliary batteries. These new generation batteries do not resort to critical materials and offer a recyclability rate over 90%. Whether for electric vehicles, aviation, railways, sea transport, telecoms, healthcare, and networks, LiFePO4 and Metal Ion technologies will respond to your needs in any application fields.

Tata Prima Euro 5 Range

Tata Prima Euro 5 Range: World-Smart Heavy Duty range of trucks from Tata Motors, is a combination of power, driver comfort, world-class performance, fuel efficiency, superior technology and safety. Get in touch to know more about the 5 year extended warranty available only at Tata Motors.

Video: Nissan looks back at its EV journey

Nissan has unveiled a captivating look at its groundbreaking electric vehicles, highlighting seven decades of innovation in sustainable mobility. Through a unique, comic-book-style video...

Fleet & Mobility Summit Highlights


Truck and Fleet ME interview TransportSimple CEO – Mr. Jasdeep Singh.

TransportSimple CEO – Jasdeep Singh speaks about TransportSimple overall company growth and focus on the middle east region. How TranpsortSimple services will benefit ongoing transportation and fleet owners to save time and revenue. Jasdeep Highlights expansion plans in the region.

Market Analysis – The Road to Recovery with GfK | Truck & Fleet Conference 2023

Gurhan Cevikel, the head of market intelligence and consulting MENA at GfK, shares the latest market intelligence from the Middle East market.

Highlight | Truck & Fleet Conference 2023


Industry Roundtable – Beyond the Year of Sustainability | Truck & Fleet Conference 2023

The Truck and Fleet Conference 2023 gathers a panel of experts from across the industry examining the state of the commercial vehicles sector in 2023 and beyond. Collectively they will discuss the major challenges confronting the sector from continued disruption in the global supply chain to the promise of digitalisation and disruptive new technologies.

The Future of Fleet in the Region | Truck & Fleet Conference 2023

A panel of experts discuss becoming leaner, safer, and efficient operations. With the demands on fleets to be key players in the region never being greater, this is also a crucial time where opportunities such as e-commerce, last mile delivery services and digitalisation can take an operation to another level. The question is how can fleets transition while finding profitability in a rapidly evolving operational environment?

Openeing Remarks | Truck & Fleet Conference 2023